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This is our philosophy: You + We = They, that's win to win.

TA = Trading Assistant, Team Assistant

TA Trading = Your Office and Partner in China.

Our main targets are the esteemed companies who don't have office in China. We do only commission and retainer business, ideally with one principle in each market area. Contract will be signed directly and we don't target any margin in between.

To join force with a local team will bring you more valuable businesses. We save your cost and add your value.

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Tel: +86-10-84830821

Email: ta@tatrd.com  



About us 关于我们



TA Trading Co., Ltd. is based in Beijing with Chinese market as backup, we do only one business, i.e to provide face to face service for bulk cargo trading.

What we can do and what we are doing?

We are traders, not only consultants, we provide you with one-on-one service, we endeavor to be your colleagues in China.

- We eye the market situation on daily basis
- We answer your questions, not just send you a general report. You talk to a man, not a website.
- We indentify reliable and competitive mills or buyers
- We negotiate with mills or buyers on behalf of you.
- We follow every step of contract performing, from LC opening, to production, cargo inspection, shipment, document presentation, and quality claim settlement which some times do happen.
- We travel together with you to visit mills or buyers. You definitely have someone to show you the door and you won’t worry about language.
- We visit mills or buyers on your behalf regularly
- We suggest and bring you new business opportunities.

We are your trading assistant, your traffic assistant, and your cargo quality assistant, in one word we are your partner and your team assistant.

How we run the business?

We line up buyers and sellers, add your value and save your cost. We try to be your platform in and out of China, and your assistant on site.

We play fully open with you, no margin in between, just commission and/or retainer fee (commission rate and retainer fee to be negotiated and depend on product). You sign contract directly with mills or buyers, we claim our commission only after contract is well performed.

We have a team with years of trading experiences, background and acknowledge on steel, metals, minerals and grains, which are accordingly our main business scope.



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